Products Details
Do you look for… 2 pcs cut plate blank 2205 duplex x 50t x 1805 0D x 1550 IDmm and you need it in one week??Yes, Aarykin can do supply it from stock… We have sheet / plates in 2205, more than 1,200 metric tons daily stock from 1.5mm to 70mm thicnkness. Capable of responding to your urgent delivery in a couple of days or one week…
Do you look for… EFW welded pipe, in alloy 800HT, 22″ NB x S/40 3 meter long? Aarykin can supply the pipe in 3 weeks, counting on the in-house bending machine, employing our stock of plates 19.05mm t… Laser or plasma cut, pressing or bending, beveling edge, SAW or TIG welding, heat treatment, sizing, NDT, pickling, marking… All these operations only in 3 or 4 weeks??? Yes, we do…
Are you in an urgent demand for… 9ea 2507 / F53 A182 #1500 8″ NB x S/40S Welding Neck, RTJ flanges ???Yes, Aarykin can supply in 2 weeks by machining stocked blank, or within 4 weeks latest, by employing our own billets stocks, calling for one week in hot forging & heat treatment,one week or 10 days for machining, and the very last one week for final inspection, packaging….Similarly, flanges of alloy 20,2205, 321H, 347H, 304H, 316H, 410/S, 904L, 825, 800H / T, F44, 625, 600, and alloy 400, name it… can also be performed.
Oil & gas industries are booming around the world, requiring special Steels, WPHY 65 or 70, high strength carbon steels are in a peak demand. Elbows, tees, seamless pipes, flanges in X65 and X70 are among our regular favorites…together with duplex families.
Drilled or perforated Elliptical formed heads 2:1 or full dome, Explosive clad tube
sheets, perforated plates are also a few of our competitivenesses. C-Mn steel plates, Cr-Mo steel alloys plates, stainless steel plates, Cupronickel alloys plates, duplex & super duplex stainless plates, high alloys & nickel alloys are the basement where we try to serve our clients in petrochemical & chemical industries, pharmaceutical equipment fabricators, oil & gas industries, OFF & On shore facilities, power plant equipments, water & environmental industries are the fields where our services go to…
Welding consumables are not important volume-wise, but are very crucial for our customer to fabricate their demanding equipments. We keep consumables, TIG, MIG, FCW & MMA
electrodes in high alloyed & special grades.
Duplex 2205 plate, 12.7 t x 2000 x 6000mm 5 pieces?
Super duplex 2507 cut pieces, 25.4 t x 500 x 700m 3 pieces?
Seamless pipe A312 TP304H 6″ NB x S/40S x 6M 12 pcs?
Or, cut pieces 321H Seamless 12″ NB x S/160 x 600mm L Incoloy 800H heater tubing, 5″ NB x S/40 x 11M long?
Flanges to connect 254SMO 4″ NB x S/40S pipe, #150 WNRF
4″ X s/40s 12 ea? Or, Long Welding Neck flange C276 #300 3/4″ x S/40 2ea?
Elbows 90 deg long WP91 12″ x S/XX-S 8ea, And Tees reducing WP22 20″ x S/80 seamless 12ea? A860 WPHY 65 or 70 elbows & tees?
Or, 180 deg return short 347H 5″ x S/40S 88 ea??
Often, you would happen to need very urgent round bar Cut pieces in Alloy 20 / N08020, 101.6mm Dia, to machine Weldolet or Sockolet 12″ x 2-1/2″ x S/40…
Or, do you need them to machine bolts & nuts in Monel 400 Or K 500… Hastelloy C276 or C22
Are you in a difficulty in sourcing INGOT or Blooms for forging them for blocks for flanges and barrels, in alloy 904L or Alloy 317L?? Forged billets alloy 600 or 825 for reforging to blanks be machined to Flanges.